About Block Exemption

What is "Block Exemption?"

An investigation in the 1990s into Cartels, restrictive practices and anti-competition tactics by major manufacturers in many types of business. The law was subsequently changed to prevent these practices and open up the markets. The dear old motor industry was given a temporary reprieve from these new laws - the Block Exemption.

However, in October 2003, the Block Exemption was lifted. (Despite strenuous lobbying by the motor industry)

So, what does it mean? 

The important issues are:

Your car can be serviced wherever you choose, as long as the manufacturers recommendations are followed and here’s the best bit - THE MANUFACTURER’S OR USED CAR WARRANTY CANNOT BE INVALIDATED.

If anybody (e.g. Dealer salesmen) suggests that a vehicle is devalued because it has not been dealer maintained, they could actually be breaking the law.

Click on the image below to find out what the AA has to say about Block Exemption.